Today is the day we become first-time homeowners…not of one, but two homes! I think this is the best Christmas gift of my life (other than the one from my childhood that I will post about next week).

Tom and I have bought the place we have been searching for since before we tied the knot. A duplex that will provide us with the opportunity to live in one side and rent out the other, whether it be to a family or to a business.

One dream of ours is to have a source of passive income that will make it easier for us to retire in our 40’s. I know that being a landlord isn’t purely passive income, but it’s certainly preferable to trading hours of work for a pay check. I’m sure there will be headaches along the way, but to us it will be worth it.

But beyond the financial stuff, it’s a place for us to finally have privacy and make a space truly our own. With the exception of being away at college, we both lived with our parents until we were married. Then, after two months of renting from a family friend, we had to move back in with Tom’s parents due to some major problems with the living situation that made it more or less unlivable for us.

It’s funny, because when I first started dating Tom, my mom wasn’t thrilled with the fact that he still lived with his parents. She was concerned about his level of maturity and thought maybe I should go for someone who was more established on his own. Little did she know that it was precisely because he was living with his parents that he was able to save for this house we were able to buy shortly after getting married. What a blessing!

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays!


15 thoughts on “Homeowners

      1. The Showers of Blessing says:

        When you’re younger, you have more energy to work harder and “sacrifice” more, but you reap the benefit in the long run. Even after I came the US, graduated, got married, I worked full time, with a new baby, still went back to school full time (evening classes) to get further education. Now that I’m retired, my retirement benefit gives us a comfortable life! So the earlier sacrifice paid off! Not too many young people think the way you do, especially in US. I’m so happy for you!


      2. The Showers of Blessing says:

        Oh, forgot to tell you. My daughter and her husband live in a house with a basement. It has a 12’x12′ bedroom, full bath. They rent it out to a single girl. The girl is free to come upstairs to use the kitchen and living room. Even though my daughter doesn’t have the convenience of having the whole house for themselves, the rent income helps. So I’m glad they are doing that also!

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  1. sanfranciscoatheart says:

    Congratulations on the houses!!! It is such a wonderful feeling to call a place your own!!! I can’t wait to buy my own. I am surprise don’t that a young American couple actually is thinking of saving up and future plans and willing to live with the in-laws/parents to realise them. Wonderful!

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  2. sanfranciscoatheart says:

    Congratulations on the two houses. I can imagine, it must be exhilarating to call a place your own! I am waiting to experience the euphoria. It surprises me that a young American couple would think of the future and even live with the in-laws/parents to realise their dreams! Wonderful. Oh and the holiday just got happier, right? 😊👍🏻

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