He’s a mix between Adam Sandler, Ross from Friends, and Tom Cruise. He’s got Adam’s goofy humor, Ross’ gentle sweetness when he speaks to me, and Tom’s good looks. Plus, as a bonus, he’s not an over-enthusiastic, couch-jumping Scientologist—so he’s even better than the latter!

He has a way of disarming me with his goofy charms when I’m grumpy and sick. The other night I was complaining about having to eat with my Advil late at night when food felt unappealing to me. He said:

“Really? I’m always hungry! I’d eat some Honey Nut Cheerios with you right now, but I don’t think it’d go very well with the bugles…and the brownies…and the hot sauce…and the can of tuna…[he adds to the increasingly-disgusting list for another minute]…that are mixing around in my stomach right now.”

How could I not laugh and feel relieved from my silly angst? Tom is infinitely patient with me when I’m feeling under-the-weather.

His dedication to studying for the grueling CPA exams is unlike anything I’ve ever committed to myself (and I took—and passed—the MCAT 6 and a half years ago when I thought I wanted to be a doctor). He complains very little about the relatively dry material he needs to study day in and day out. (By the way—he found out that he passed the Regulation section! Now, 3 more to go…)

His level-headedness is the perfect counter-balance to my capricious flights of fancy that have me wanting to start an online business one week, travel to 3 different countries the next week, and switch master’s programs the next. He reminds me of the power of focusing on a single goal.

Reading some of the comments from the WordPress community on last week’s post gave me pause. I really was starting to take on too many responsibilities, and I think I knew it (consciously or subconsciously). Which is why I was prompted to write that post. I decided to not work with the online tutoring company. For one thing, their hours were unreasonable for me. Since all of the company’s students are in China, the available teaching time slots were 5-9 am plus 8-10 pm on weekends. They required a minimum commitment of 7.5 hours–or 15 classes per week. A little extra income is NOT worth losing that much sleep, even if it could be made relatively conveniently from home.

I had to remind myself what our goals are as a family. Although it will require a lot of money and a huge amount of savings in order for us to retire in our 40s, our dream is to separate income from hours of work. Sacrificing more hours of my life to bring in a few hundred extra dollars each month goes against our vision of the life we want to create for ourselves. A life of financial freedom. A life of a passive income stream, where we are not trading hours of our time for our income.

And, more importantly, who wouldn’t want to spend more time with a man like Tom?


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