A Sign of My Love


Tom and I have a ritual surrounding our wedding bands.

Every night before we go to bed, we place my ring inside of his on the night stand. It gives me a little thrill, as if our rings are embracing all night after being away from each other for a long day at our respective workplaces.

“Tom, will you put my ring with your ring?” I’ll say with perhaps an inordinate amount of little girlish joy,  handing mine over to him with a smile so big that it causes my eyes to squint into little slits.

“Of course!”

He smiles broadly. I think he finds it as sweet as I do.

Ritual Part Deux

In the morning, whichever one of us wakes up first will pick up the rings and ask the other,

“Will you take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity?” (repeating the Catholic vows that we said during our wedding ceremony as we placed our rings on each other’s fingers).

When the recipient of the ring answers in the affirmative, the one who asked the question slips the ring on his or her finger.

In this way, every morning is a renewal of our commitment and love for each other.

I wouldn’t trade these little bedtime and morning reminders of our love for anything.

Do you and your partner have any daily or weekly rituals? Please share in the comments!


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