The way to a man’s heart

One of the hardest parts about married life so far has been how little time I get to spend with the most important person in the world to me. Tom and I both work full-time jobs, and he works a part-time job in addition to that. Evenings are often spent with him studying for his CPA exams and me reading scientific papers for work or for school.

Thankfully, this is just for a season. He will pass his exams within the next year, and I will finish my master’s program (eventually).

Then we will resume our house search and think seriously about adding children to the equation. We will strive to climb the corporate ladders in our fields, or if we find the right opportunity, we might start a business. Oh, what a dream. To be able to cut ourselves loose from the nine to five and fill our days as we choose. To not feel the pressure of needing to be at a workplace for most of the waking hours of our day.

I come alive in the evenings when I come home to our little, imperfect home that has a lingering smell of cigarette smoke from the previous occupant. When I get to greet my husband with the warm embrace and soft kiss that sends the oxytocin coursing through my body. To be in the company of the person who understands me best on Earth.


I often give him back rubs while he studies. He gets more of his practice questions correct when I do this. If only the test center would allow me to stand there during the exams and knead his shoulders and massage his back, I have no doubt that he would pass with flying colors. Heck, if that were allowed, we’d have a pretty sweet business model to implement when we can no longer handle the daily grind. Let it be known: Test Center Massage Services may be coming to a town near you one day soon.

Last night, sitting next to him on the couch while he studied on his laptop, I pulled my hands from his back for a few seconds to type a URL into my browser, and then resumed the back rub.

“Yes!” Tom exclaimed. “I thought you were going to stop! Please keep going. This is the best back rub of my life.”

“Really?” I beamed.


After a slight pause, he added, “I’m a very dorsal man.”

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’ve stumbled upon a little-known secret: it’s actually through his back.



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